“My husband Jimmy retired after 22 years and I work as a Personnel Administrator for a local power company. We were looking for extra income to help us live the life we wanted, so a year ago, when my brother, Steve Terral asked if we wanted to make some money, we said ‘Sure! What do we need to do?’ “We have both gotten wonderful benefits from drinking Original Limu™. At his yearly eye exam, the doctor told Jimmy, who is diabetic, that he was amazed that his eyes are extremely healthy and that he did not have to come back for 2 years.

It has also helped him with a skin condition he’s had since he came home from Vietnam, in 1969. In addition, it has helped me and my little 12 year old Shih Tzu, Carley, climb the steps better. “Jimmy retired and devotes his time to our TLC business and woodworking. With our TLC income we are able to take trips when we want to take off and we give more to our church. What we enjoy the most is helping so many people by sharing Original Limu™.”