“I had been working as an insurance agent for some time but was always stressed out because even though I had organized my team, I needed to meet aggressive company quotas every month. I was always tired and it caused my health to get worse.”

“One day, I was introduced to LIMU ORIGINAL by a client of one of my colleagues. I remember thinking that it looked like orange juice and it tasted great. I felt that it gave me an immediate energy boost and a warm feeling, so I signed up with 3 cases right away. My concern at that time was that I was too busy to do LIMU as a business, but I was encouraged to “simply share it with people.”

“The result was unbelievable! Within 4 months, I became a 50K. There were some ups and downs as I learned the business, but I never gave up and have continued to be focused on my goals. I would like to give special thanks to my upline Members, Mr. Hosokawa and Mr. Ino. Also I would not have been able to achieve my 100K rank without Ms. Oishi, Mr. Ishijima and other LIMU Members’ help. And Mr. Tamura has already done so much that will help change and explode the Japan market. I am energized, healthier than ever, and looking forward to helping others to achieve a greater level of wellness and financial successes.”