“At one time we had interests in 13 Sonic Drive-Ins in 3 states … and a life of enormous stress and worry. We sold them and opened a Mexican restaurant but things were not much better. With over $100,000 invested in a full time headache, Kenneth’s health began a dangerous decline. The doctors said that it was caused by a combination of stress and not taking care of his body as he should. We spent 8 years in and out of hospitals, and the doctors said Kenneth wouldn’t live 6 months unless something changed. All we could do was pray.

“Then we were introduced to LIMU. Kenneth took 2 ounces before he went to bed, and when he woke up it was 8 a.m and he had slept all through the night for the first time in more than 2 months! When this happened 3 nights in a row, an energy beyond my own rose up in me and I said, “The hand of God is on this product and everyone needs to know about it!” I didn’t even know anything about the company or the opportunity at that point … we simply discovered ourselves in the business because God gave us a mission. Based on Kenneth’s experience we went from product users to product evangelists.

By going out and sharing Original Limu™ with everyone we knew, we made $997.00 our first month. That definitely put our focus on being business builders. We achieved the rank of 20K within 70 days and 50K within 14 months.

“Sharing LIMU ORIGINAL™ and the LIMU Opportunity is how we now make our living … and what a good living it is! We’ve paid off all our bills, bought a new car, and we’re growing our savings again. What better way is there to earn an income than by changing peoples lives? Someone is praying for help (like we were) and you may be the person God uses to deliver the answer to their prayer. It’s an awesome honor!”