You can’t put a price on waking up in the morning, doing what you want, when you want, spending quality time with my family, having fun with my granddaughter, Madison, traveling to my favorite places, and pursuing my passion by sharing information about LIMU, The Company and its products. Because of LIMU, I matched my full time income as a food service inspector with my part time LIMU business within 2 years, and retired 12 ∏ early. That was 4 years ago, and life is good!

The rewards can be found in helping others attain their financial goals, watching people get healthy and building relationships with new people. My life has been enriched by the people I now know because of my LIMU business.

LIMU Events give me a chance to network with people I have not seen for awhile, spend time with friends, and I am always learning something new! Events are an integral part of building a business with LIMU, and the more members attend with their members, the faster the growth of our LIMU business. It begins with meeting new people with a new member and their circle of friends and family.

I will always be at home with my LIMU business because it has provided me a solid, debt free company with integrity and strong leadership. It has provided me with unique products that work, a generous pay plan to allow a working person to get ahead financially, and new markets abound! It can be a shelter during recessionary times too!