Matt and Keri Miller know they’re blessed and living a dream, making more money and having more fun than ever before. Truth be told, money has never actually been an issue for Matt and his wife Keri, because they’ve both worked hard and made a good income. And until they discovered The Limu Company, they thought that was the only way to achieve success. “I never knew about residual or leveraged income before,” Matt says. “Now I know that I’d been trading life hours for dollars in the past — which meant my income was limited by the number of hours in a day.

Today I’m working smarter and reaping huge rewards!” Matt’s enthusiasm is infectious, and his excitement about LIMU, bubbles into his conversations with people wherever he goes. “I’m standing in line at the grocery store or Home Depot, and I’m asking people if they’ve heard about LIMU Original,” Matt says. “I don’t beg people, because I don’t have to. I sort of have an attitude about this business. It’s such a great opportunity — who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?” The list of fi nancial rewards grows by the day. The Millers have taken their kids to Disney World for a week … and paid cash for the entire trip.

They paid off their credit cards, and bought two new cars — a Mercedes for him and one for her. But the couple’s latest adventure was one to write home about. “The coolest was when we took our parents on a trip to Florida,” Matt says. “We stayed on the beach in Destin and went in style. Our entire family stayed in a five bedroom penthouse, living in luxury for a week, and we paid for the entire trip with our LIMU earnings! Matt’s already on track to replace a 21-year income from his body shop. “I’m on my way to making in a month what very few people even make in a year,” Matt says. “That’s my goal, and I can see achieving that in the near future. Where else can you make a hundred thousand dollars a month? That’s crazy money! We’re not only improving our own lives, but we’re helping others have the same lifestyle, too … that’s the most awesome part!”