Former teachers Quarvay and Shandra Winbush will tell you that building a LIMU business is anything but complicated. “The business side of LIMU gives the average person a shot at being successful because it doesn’t have a bunch of hurdles and hoops to jump through to make money,” Quarvay says. “It’s a simple system anyone can follow.”

The Winbushes should know. The couple joined the LIMU Experience just four years ago and now they are living a very different life than before. “We are each retired today at ages 30 and 31, even without any prior industry experience, because of the LIMU Experience. And we’re helping a lot of other people reach their own goals and dreams through LIMU,” Quarvay says.

Achieving success means something different to each LIMU Promoter. To Quarvay and Shandra, LIMU’s product line offers them more than just something to sell. “The LIMU products are heaven sent because they’re not just products,” he says. “They’re life-changing and make a significant difference in people’s lives.” The products and business opportunity are so solid that they don’t feel the need to persuade people to try the products or join the company. “We’re not in the ‘convincing’ business,” Quarvay says. “We simply share the LIMU Experience and if they really think about it, they can’t resist becoming a part of LIMU.”

Quarvay and Shandra know that once people join the company, they discover a dynamic network of supportive relationships—one of the most striking aspects of LIMU. “The culture of the LIMU family is incredible,” Quarvay says. “As a former football coach, I see a real team here. It’s not a dog-eat-dog atmosphere within LIMU. Instead, it’s a family of people who genuinely care for one another. We have met some of the most amazing people in the world through LIMU.”

Young, retired and enjoying freedom with their time and finances, the Winbushes believe LIMU is the opportunity of a lifetime. “Our LIMU Experience has really opened the door for us to enjoy life, not endure it,” Quarvay says.