“For three years, Salien was content to just drink LIMU ORIGINAL®, never realizing what she was missing by not fully pursuing LIMU. You can’t blame her too much, really. Many people in her position would’ve done the same thing. After all, she did have a pretty sweet gig in the medical field — a full-time job that paid well. And yet, she kept hearing her family’s voices in her ear.

“They said I needed to get serious about The LIMU EXPERIENCE,” Salien says. “And if I would treat this like a million dollar business, I wouldn’t regret it. I can’t begin to tell you how right they were.”

Not too many years ago, their words finally began sinking in. “I had a huge amount of credit card debt ($15,000) and it was only getting bigger,” she says. “I didn’t want that anymore. But, to be honest, what really motivated me was going on the President’s Dream Trip!” So the 26-year-old kicked her business into high gear. Within three month’s time, the results were phenomenal. Salien went on the all-expenses paid trip, and that started things rolling. “We never heard the word ‘no’,” she says. “I never want to miss a LIMU trip from here on out!”

In addition, she no longer faces a debt-filled future. Her credit cards are completely paid off. And best of all, by the end of that year, her part-time LIMU earnings exceeded her full-time income in the medical field! She’s free to travel when and where she wants — without worrying about cost.

As a newly-minted 500K, she’s simply one of the hardest working Members in the company. With a paid-for BMW at her disposal, she is able to share The LIMU EXPERIENCE with anyone, whether they live in Louisiana or not. And she does share. A lot.

“As a patient advocate in my job, I would listen to people’s problems all day, but I often felt helpless. With LIMU, I share the opportunity of a lifetime to help people enrich their lives. That’s a very powerful place to be,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to help millions of children around the world, and now I know this business can help me make that happen.”