When CEO Gary Raser invited small business owners Shannon and Rachetté Pardue to take a look at LIMU, they were skeptical. It sounded too good be true, they remember thinking, but if even half of it worked out they needed it. They were living in a mobile home, just making ends meet in their construction business, and living paycheck to paycheck. But they believed. “With Gary’s track record in business and network marketing, there was no question in our minds that LIMU would be a place we could call home,” Shannon recalls.

The Louisiana couple has been with LIMU since day one and they’re the first promoters ever to reach the 1M rank, the highest in the company. They do everything together and travel when they want, living a dream lifestyle they never imagined. And they were able to bring family and friends along on their journey, helping Rachetté’s father and sister join them among the company’s top-five income earners.

“LIMU has given us the three things people dream about,” Rachetté says. “We are healthier than we’ve ever been, we have real financial freedom and we have the time to focus on the truly important things in life. It’s amazing what you can do when you’re not worried about money!”


Both Shannon and Rachetté were brought up to believe that hard work was the answer to everything. He was raised on a working cattle farm, while her parents started their own automotive repair business. But after Shannon and Rachetté had worked their own construction company for years, they learned that hard work in a traditional business wasn’t enough. “We both had great expectations for our lives,” Shannon says. “When we got married, I promised Rachetté financial independence and a plantation home.” Instead, they were living in a mobile home and struggling. “But God works in mysterious ways,” Shannon says of being introduced to LIMU. “We saw a huge opportunity to make a difference physically and financially in lots of people’s lives.”

They built their LIMU Experience by putting team members first, leading them to success by giving them simple and tangible steps to follow as part of a team. They love that LIMU puts promoters first, too. And they recognize that starting a LIMU Experience requires people to take a step into the unknown. “It’s an opportunity to be more, do more and have more by teaming up with people who have unfulfilled hopes and dreams for their lives,” Rachetté says. “The alternative is to stay where you are, instead of reaching your potential. You have to have a big dream. If that dream doesn’t wake you up in the morning and keep you up at night, it’s just not big enough.”


Their lives have changed completely since starting their LIMU Experience. Now they live in their 6,500-square-foot plantation-style dream home and own a hunting lodge, as well as a working cattle ranch. They went from working in the custom home building industry, where they worked harder and harder every year just to maintain their income, to working side by side with family members and friends. “We are truly blessed to be able to donate more to church and charity that we used to make in an entire year,” Shannon says. “That’s really hard to comprehend until you experience it for yourselves.”

They do more than live each day—they design it. “Our LIMU Experience is about investing in other people and helping their dreams come true,” Shannon says. “Now, instead of building homes, we build people.” Anyone can do it, they say—anyone with the true desire to pursue their dreams. “It’s not about us,” Rachetté says. “If you have the desire to change your quality of life, you can do it. We’re living proof that it’s absolutely possible with LIMU.”