“I ran a traditional business for over thirty years, selling tires, used cars, and running a body repair shop, and was successful in getting our six wonderful daughters grown and maintaining a middle income lifestyle. But approaching retirement, my choices were to continue working, sell everything I’d accumulated and exist meagerly, or find another source of revenue that would allow us to do the things we’d always dreamed of doing.

I love to hunt, fish, and do all the outdoor things. Linda loves to shop, keep our home ready for the girls to come back to, and pamper me. Enter our daughter and son-in-law Rachetté and Shannon Pardue, introducing us to LIMU™ and the financial opportunity of a lifetime. In just a short time, with the support of a great company and the most amazing products we’ve ever seen, our retirement income is set for the rest of our lives.

We do all the things that we’ve dreamed of doing and still continue to help others achieve the success that they’ve always dreamed of. We are destined to be one of the greatest companies in the world, helping millions of people achieve their hopes and dreams. My advice for everyone who has a dream of a better life is to check us out.”