Tonya Phipps had always dreamed of owning a BMW someday. But as a seasonal dance instructor with a husband sidelined by injury, that dream was impossible before LIMU.

“We had absolutely no experience in this industry. So it’s really amazing that today not only am I driving my dream car paid for by LIMU, but my daughter also has her LIMU business and earned a BMW, and my husband has been able to go out and buy his own BMW,” Tonya says. “LIMU is just amazing.”

It’s a big change from last summer when the Phipps family struggled just to put food on the table. Tonya only worked in the fall and spring, and her husband Leo had been in the offshore oil industry until medical problems put him out of work for two years. But there was a LIMU light at the end of the tunnel. Tonya’s mother Pat Klepper, a 100K promoter with LIMU, encouraged Leo to use the LIMU products for his health and helped Tonya to promote them. It wasn’t until she and Leo attended the company’s LIMU LIVE event in September 2012 that they saw the full potential and committed to making it work.

“Things began flourishing and moving fast as we started having LIMU Experience parties and building our wonderful team,” Tonya says. “People love to party and that helps your LIMU business grow really quickly. With LIMU, you work hard and the avenues to greater freedom just open up.”