When we first heard about LIMU, I was working a grueling 65-70 hour workweek in corporate America. Warren had several small and labor-intensive enterprises as well. With two small children at home, we barely had time for our family, let alone a new business.

Initially, I had zero interest in the business. We had been involved in network marketing 10 years earlier, with little success. However, Warren’s excitement made me want to take a closer look; we began using the products and sharing LIMU with friends we knew. Immediately, I saw a benefit: my blood pressure dropped to a normal range in a matter of two weeks. And, during the summer of 2011, several friends began to join LIMU as Promoters and we quickly advanced to 5K in our first 30 days!

LIMU has given me choice—choice to work where I want. Goodbye, corporate America! I now work with a nonprofit organization, one that is very important to us. LIMU has also allowed Warren to have more time freedom, something he desperately needed. Overall, it’s been a real blessing as we have an awesome CEO, team and LIMU family!