The Top Social Moments of #LIC2017

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LIMU’s 2017 International Convention was made for moments like these. Moments of excitement, fulfillment, triumph and perseverance have become our hallmark, and the way we share them with others is what guides our success and the future success of those who witness it. So many of these magic moments happened at this year’s event, but then there were some that really stood out as great examples of the power of social media.   Headed...

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Top 10 Les Brown Quotes From #LIC2017

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During the LIMU International Convention the crowd was treated to many unforgettable moments of inspiring dialogue from remarkable motivational speaker and special guest Les Brown. Each person from the incredible crowd of LIMU Nation at Fort Worth Convention Center was empowered by the encouraging uplifting messages. It’s no surprise everyone walked away with their own personal favorite quote. Take a look at the top ten Les Brown quote from...

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#LIC2017: Recap of LIMU International Convention 2017

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What better way to kickstart the new year than by giving away dream trips, awards, cash, partying and listening to world renowned speakers? LIMU International 2017 featured all of that and more!     #LIC2017 celebrated another incredible year of the LIMU Experience as we recognized top LIMU leaders, Experience story winners, rolled out brand new LIMU gear and featured one of the most inspiring speakers ever!   Award...

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The Harveys: Meet The Top Award Winners from #LIC2017!

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The most successful leaders in LIMU Nation deserve to be recognized, and there’s no better place to show our appreciation and gratitude for the huge success they’ve created than live on stage at LIMU’s annual International Convention. Each of our award-winning Promoters displayed their unwavering commitment to LIMU in 2016 by incorporating the LIMU Experience into their lives with passion, grit and grace. Presenting our...

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#LIC2017 Roundup: Last-Minute News & Notes for Fort Worth

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This January 13th & 14th LIMU is hosting one of the largest and exciting gatherings of the entire year. LIMU International Convention is kicking off the year with the most anticipated LIMU event yet, with even bigger surprises and prizes! This is your chance to witness the LIMU Experience in person! Bring your team, evolve your business, and be part of the most remarkable live community ever with #LIC2017! Here are the latest news and...

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