10 Common Mistakes That Network Marketers Make With Social Media

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Network marketers from all walks of life are using social media as one of their primary business-building tools, but while some have more experience than others, we accept that the social landscape is ever-evolving. We must come to terms with the fact that often the best way to learn is simply by doing. There will be misunderstandings for those just entering the world of social business, and that’s okay. Becoming an actual practitioner and...

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Hop to It: How to Talk About BLU FROG

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Sometimes we just need to find that extra gear. Then there are the times we need to find that extra-extra gear. We usually reach for an energy drink, even when we already know the outcome. A harsh, medicine-y taste. A spurt of spastic, uneven energy. A sugar-fueled crash. All the while, there’s a healthy, power-packed alternative for feeling focused and amazing — two of them, in fact.   Naturally sweetened and naturally caffeinated, BLU...

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Gary Raser LIMU President’s Call Recap – May 4, 2017

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The recorded President’s Call is available now!    These people made serious waves in April by enrolling the most new Promoters with Fast Track Packs! 🌊 Way to go, #LIMU team! 🙌 pic.twitter.com/4MvrITBipt — LIMU® (@LIMU) May 5, 2017 🚀 Top 10 Fastest-Growing #LIMU Locations 📈 pic.twitter.com/tQDqef1BdZ — LIMU® (@LIMU) May 4, 2017 1. 🇯🇵 2. Arkansas 3. Texas 4. Colorado 5. Louisiana 6. S. Dakota 7....

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LIMU Fiesta: 3 Refreshing Recipes to Sip & Savor

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There’s no better way to embrace the warm weather than with an ice-cold drink! Try out these Cinco-de-Mayo-inspired recipes and add some serious “chill” to your next LIMU Experience party. Remember, every drink tastes better when shared with good company, so each recipe below yields four servings. Enjoy!   1. Strawberry LIMU-rita A spin on the classic margarita, this strawberry-infused refreshment harnesses the great...

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Fitness on the Fly: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling

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Fitting in fitness, eating well and having the time to relax is a lot for anyone to balance — add travel to that mix and it may even feel impossible. There are simple ways to ensure you keep up with your healthy lifestyle. But how do you stick to it while you are on the road, or in the air? You make a commitment. With a little planning and deliberation, it is possible, no matter where you are headed. Try these tips to help you to maintain your...

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Shake It Up: How to Talk About LIMU LEAN

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When it comes to fitness and health, most people are looking for ways to lose weight, manage their weight or support an active lifestyle. By incorporating LIMU LEAN Meal Replacement Shakes (along with LIMU LEAN BURN to fight cravings) into a balanced diet, it’s easier than ever to do either! No matter a person’s health goals, there’s always a way to introduce LIMU LEAN to new Customers and potential Promoters.   The key is to...

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